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Our guitar amp and speaker cab covers are constructed with high quality 600 denier PVC-backed Polyester (a durable, canvas-like material on the outside and Vinyl on the inside), which renders them completely dust and water proof, as well as extremely resistant to abrasion... Protecting your expensive amp or speaker cab from unsightly bumps, scrapes and scuffs! This material stands up to direct sunlight and constant water much better than Nylon or ordinary Vinyl... Twice the quality of amp manufacturer covers!
Amplifier Covers

Speaker Covers

Unlike "one size fits all" covers, each of our covers are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of each specific amp or speaker cab model like a glove! They are hand-sewn with a 1/4 inch, double-stitched inseam and handle openings are lined with the same material for strength and durability. In addition to the superior quality and workmanship of our products, we also add a touch of class... Each cover is embroidered (not screen-printed) with our trademark logo and the make & model for which the cover fits. So, there is no confusion if you own more than one! Custom Cover Price Quote
Our covers are available in NAVY BLUE, BLACK, and TAN. You may choose a model we already produce or provide us with the dimensions of your amp or speaker cab, regardless of make or model, for a price quote. Our product prices are based solely on size and complexity... We do not charge extra for more popular models or custom orders like some of our competitors!!
Navy Blue And Black Amp Covers
EVERY MODEL available in    NAVY BLUE,    BLACK
Tan Amp Cover
and     TAN!
Handle openings are lined and stitched      
Crate V50 Cover Top
with a second layer of material for durability!
Orange PPC212V Speaker Cover

We regularly produce covers for many brands of equipment, including 65 Amps, Accugroove, Acme, Acoustic, ADA, AER, Aguilar, Airline, Alamo, Albion, Alesis, Ampeg, Ashdown, At Mars, Avatar, B Custom Cabs, B52, Bad Cat, Bag End, Barbetta, BBW, Behringer, Better Built Workshops, Blackfoot, Blackheart, Blackstar, Bogner, Bruno, Bugera, Carr, Carvin, Ceriatone, Clark, Conrad, Crate, Dean Markley, Dirty Girl, Dr Bass, Dr Z, East Amplification, Eden, Egnater, Electroplex, Electro-Voice Engl, Epifani, Epiphone, Euphonic Audio, Evans, Event Electronics, EVH, Fargen, Fender, First Act, Flite, Flot-A-Tone, Fuchs, Gabkits, Gallian-Krueger, Gear One, Geezer, Genz Benz, Gibson, Gretsch, Gries, Guild, Harley Benton, Harmony, HarpGear, Hartke, Heritage, Hughes & Kettner, Ibanez, JBL, J Design, Jet City, JMF, Johnson, Kalamazoo, Klemt, Koch, Kustom, Lancaster, Laney, Li'l Dawg, Line 6, Lone Wolf Blues, Lopoline, Louis Electric, Mack, Mackie, Magnatone, Marble, Markbass, Marshall, Masters, Matchless, Mesa Boogie, Meteor, Mojave, Mojotone, Music Man, Motion Sound, Nolatone, Orange, Pearce, Peavey, Pignose, Polytone, Port City, Powerwerks, Premier, Paul Reed Smith, Randall, Reason, Reinhardt, RetroKing, Reverend, Richter, Rivera, Rocktron, Roland, Samamp, Savage, Saxon, Schroeder, Seismic, Sho-Bud, Silkyn, Smith Audio, Soldano, Soundsrite Audio, Sovtek, Splawn, SR Technology, Stulce, Sundown, Sunn, Supro, Suzuki, Swart, SWR, TC Electronic, TecAmp, Tech 21, Tone King, Top Hat, Trace Elliot, Traynor, Two-Rock, Ultrasound, Valvetech, ValveTrain, VHT Vox, Warwick, Weber, Winfield, Yamaha, Yorkville, and ZT.

Are you shopping for a cover and notice some manufacturer covers are very inexpensive?

That's because they are produced overseas for pennies on the dollar, often by children!
Vinyl Interior Vox AD50VT Cover and Wilson
Above is the cover sent to a satisfied customer and her cat "Wilson", who no longer claws her Vox AD50VT!

Can't find your make or model?   If you can provide a few
simple hand-measurements, we can produce your cover!

Click HERE and select your basic cab shape for a
comprehensive outline of the measurements needed.

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