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Questions and Answers

Answers to Some Common Questions:

Why don't you manufacture covers made of ordinary vinyl?

A Vinyl cover will probably protect your amp from scuffs and scrapes.  But what's going to protect the vinyl cover?  Vinyl is a relatively fragile material, easily damaged by punctures, cuts and scrapes.  Just imagine the vinyl seats in a car, only much thinner!  Our covers are produced from a very durable and abrasion resistant Vinyl-backed (PVC) Polyester canvas material, which will withstand continuous water flow with no adverse affects!

Why should I buy your cover and not one made by the amp manufacturer?

Just like any name brand item, with theirs you're basically paying for the pretty logo printed on it.  With ours, you're paying for high quality protection for your equipment!  Plus, have you ever seen the covers that amp manufacturers produce?  Most of them are thin and cheaply made Vinyl covers.  Our covers are much higher quality and will protect your equipment much better!  Furthermore, we can produce a cover for any amplifier or speaker cab... Even older models that the manufacturer has discontinued accessories for!

Can you put the logo of my amp's manufacturer on the cover I buy from you?

No!  To do so is strictly prohibited by copyright laws and would invite a law suit from the amp manufacturer!  However, we do "embroider" the make and the model for which the cover fits just below our trademark logo.

Why don't you produce padded covers like some of your competitors?

Try wrapping a piece of 1/4 inch foam around your leg and hitting it with a 2x4.  Think it won't bruise your leg?  Of course it will!  It won't protect your amp either!  The additional material just adds to the price of the cover (almost double, judging from our competitors prices), makes it thicker, heavier, and harder to store when not in use!  It is our goal to produce economical protection for your amp from dust, moisture, scuffs and scrapes (and even the cat).  If you feel that you need additional protection, you should look into buying a flight case...  Not a cover!

To Be Continued…

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