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Some of the awesome comments we have received over the years:
For their privacy, we do not list their first name or city (Unlike some of our competitors)

"The cover for my Roland JC-40 amp arrived today. You're right! Your covers are much better/heavier than standard covers offered by amp manufacturers. Yours fits perfectly and I can tell it's made to last. I also like the "MDB Covers" logo, along with the amp model, embroidered at the bottom right corner - nice touch. I'm glad I found you on line and very pleased with my purchase. Thanks. "

S Pirie - Massachussetts

"I recently got a cover from your company for a Line6 Studio 110 bass amp.  The cover is extremely well made (Tuki Covers and LeCover should be ashamed of themselves for what they charge considering the workmanship and price of your covers). "

L Genereux - Pennsylvania

"Thanks!   Received today...   great quality & the embroidering was nice too."

[Roland Cube 30 Bass]

R Contestabile - Kansas

"What a great product at a great price! Just got it yesterday.  I slipped it on my Macht 6 last night.  It fits perfectly.  Light weight and not bulky, but still quite sturdy.  It is way better than the stock slip cover that came with my Peavey combo.  The material used exudes confidence.  Having the amp make/model embroidered is a real nice touch.  Thank you"

[Savage Macht 6]

D Mottaz - Minnesota

"Hi, I got my Cover today - it exceeds my expectations - Highly recommended.   Thanks!"

[Roland Cube 60]

S Conrad - California

"I received the package today and WOW!  The covers fit perfectly and the material is far superior than what I had imagined.  Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job.  I will certainly use your services in the future. "

[Peavey 210TX & 410TX]

J Post - California

"Got the covers.  They're great, thanks much."

[two 2x12 custom cabs]

L Thetge - Ohio

"I would like to let you know that I just received my Marshall AS100D amp cover.  I must say that when I seen the package I was a little disappointed, but when I opened it up and seen the workmanship and the quality of the materials used I was very happy that I decided to go with you.  I particularly like the embroided Marshall AS100D logo.  At this point I must say that it fit the amp like a glove (Not OJ's).  I'm sure it will hold up to the worst conditions, bangs, and scrapes that can be thrown at it.  Thank you for making a great product and not charging top dollar.  I will certainly recommend your covers to all my fellow musicians.

F Pezzo - New York

"The covers for the amplifiers just arrived.  They are not only beautiful but fit perfectly.  Thank you very much for everything.  I really appreciate it. "

[two Pyramid guitar amps]

P Kriewald - Connecticut

"The cover fits perfectly!  I am very pleased with the quality of this cover.  You do very good work."

[Laney VC30]

J Everly - Ohio

"Thank you very much.  I received the cover yesterday.  It fits like a glove on my Peavey Amp.  Wish I had done this a long time ago.  Cover looks and feels durable.  I will recommend your product when there is opportunity."

[Peavey Bass Combo 260]

P West - Texas

"I received my cover for my Peavey Bravo.  It's perfect...  Bravo!"

L Labeaume - California

"Got it.  Thanks, it's perfect."

[Peavey Classic 30]

S Orenstein - Hawaii

"I got it last week.  It fits great, thank you."

[Line 6 Vetta II]

M Gogarty - Ontario, Canada

"I will certainly recommend your amp covers to others.  I am very pleased with the quality and amazing fit of mine."

[Roland KC500]

B Strehlow - Oregon

"Got it today and it fits like a glove!  Thanks again, it's exactly what I needed!"

[Fender '59 Tweed Twin]

P Kuntz - New Jersey

"I received the covers and I am very pleased with the quality & fit!  Excellent transaction and product!  Thanks again! "

[Peavey Backstage Chorus 208, Stereo Chorus 212, Studio Chorus 210, TKO 65, Minx 110, and Triple XXX head]

T Rowland - Georgia

"I received the two covers today and wanted to thank you for the great job.  They both fit extremely well. "

[Yamaha T50C]

G Berry - Texas

"I left you feedback but I want you to know that this item is well crafted for a very low price.  We will be ordering more covers & referring your product.  Thank you so much for your work! "

[Peavey Valve King 112]

R Williams - Georgia

"I revieved the cover and it fits perfectly.  Thanks for your great service."

[Marshall 1936]

J Weeks - Western Australia

"Just received the cover for my Peavey Delta Blues 115 and it fits perfectly!  Great cover, too!  Thanks, again for your communication and a great product."

R Chandler - Massachusetts

"This is not a question, just a comment.  I bought a cover for a KC350 and it is so, so nice, not even for the money, but the very high quality, straight fit and seams - and overall workmanship - I am still impressed every time I use it, which is every week.  Thank you so very much."

[Roland KC350]

N Boulse - Indiana

"No question...  Just that is a brilliant brand name!!!  Advertise more in australia....  We love that kinda stuff here!!  And it looks like quality gear too!  Perfect!"

[Ampeg SR212RT Super Rocket]

T Naylor - Western Australia

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on the cover for my Behringer ACX 1000 amplifier.  I can't believe how perfect it fits when you consider that all you had to work with was the measurements I sent you.  Thank you very much for taking on this special project.  The amp cover is just perfect.  Please use me as a reference anytime. "

J Jackson - California

"The cover arrived today!!!  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  It fits perfectly and looks grand!   Thanks so very much!"

[Peavey Ecoustic 110]

R Wiley - Washington

"I'm writing this to let you know that I'm very pleased with my amp cover...   a quality piece of work that I'm sure will last me quite awhile."

[Line 6 Flextone III XL]

B Parsley - Pennsylvania

"I recieved the cover for the Peavey Delta Blues amp today in the mail.   It arrived in good condition.   The cover is awesome!   I really like the stitched "Peavey Delta Blues".   It is good quality and well made.   Thanks again!"

M Mukavetz - Ohio

"Just received the cover - perfect!   Thank you again for a great product.   I just recommended a friend to buy as well!"

[Ampeg BA115]

A Carness - Washington

"I ordered 2 covers from you and they are perfect...   great quality, best I've seen and the fit is exact.   Thanks for the great work. "

[Peavey Valve King 112]

J Dougherty - Nevada

"The covers arrived yesterday and all of them fit perfectly. &bnsp; Thanks for producing a fine product at a reasonable price, and delivering it quickly."

[two 1x8 speakers, one 1x12 speaker, and a steel guitar]

D. Willhoite - Texas

"The cover fits perfectly, thanks very much. "

[Crate CA30D]

C Katz - Missouri

"I wanted to thank you for your timely delivery of my Trace Eliott Velocette cover.   I received it yesterday and it's an awesome fit for my amp.   Thank you once again and I hope to do business again in the future!"

M Park - North Carolina

"Just want to let you know I received your cover today for my Crate 5112 (One that's just like Billy Gibbons).   It fits like a cashmere glove!"

T Lavin - Illinois

"Got it, and it's perfect thanks!"

[Crate Palomino V32]

M Pyburn - Texas

"Thank you for the excellent cover!"

[Crate Palomino V16]

T Matz - Washington

"The covers arrived today - perfect!   I'll be passing the good word regarding your covers to the guys in my band - they're a bunch of broke-a**es in general, but may want to protect the gear that they do invest in!   Thanks again."

[Peavey Classic 30 & Laney GH50L head]

D Rice - Montana

"The cover fits perfectly, looks great.   You guys deserve a Nobel Prize in amp cover craftsmanship.   Thanks! "

[Ampeg B50R "Rocket" Bass]

W Decker - Texas

"Just picked up the cover for my H&K Switchblade today.   Very nice fit.   Thanks"

[Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50]

S. McVey - Arizona

"I received it today.   It's really great quality and I appreciate it!   Thanks"

[Ampeg BA115]

S. Sites - Washington

"Great cover, good job. Thank you. "

[Tech 21 Trademark 10]

G. Cionsky - Texas

"They came yesterday.   They are great, thanks"

[Peavey Classic 30 & Nashville 112]

J. Blakemore - California

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